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Some of you may be familiar with my old blog, Steelboots on Blogger, which I’ve terminated a while ago, but deeply regret doing so. I love blogging, especially the photo sharing aspect of it. I am obsessed with my pictures. Weddings, graduations, birthdays, galas, presentations, concerts, holidays, road trips, a night out, family get-togethers or even those silly day-to-day iPhone selfies are all of great importance to me and I love documenting them. We live in an era of information overload, photographs provide an easy way of apprehending something and are a compact form for memorizing it. The advancement of digital cameras and development of smartphones with integrated cameras took photography to a whole new level. Nowadays, people take more photos than anyone had ever done in the past. I take an average of 20 photographs a day… that’s roughly 8,000 photos a year. And since printing and assembling photographs in to family albums is so passé, despite my limited memory space, I somehow manage to store them all on my laptop and am pleasantly surprised every time I get a notification telling me I’m running out of storage space. I call it digital hoarding.

But now back to what this is all about. My former blog was a fashion blog, and I fully intend to continue from where I left off, blogging about fashion, trends and style reports, but this time, giving you guys a little bit more insight in to who I am and what I do. Especially my globetrotting tendencies…which have escalated to the point where even my closest friends can’t keep up with my whereabouts. Hence, my refined blog name, Route London New York. The air link between London and New York continues to be the busiest intercontinental route in the world, just like my dynamic lifestyle. I’m an Aries, who loves the new and the novel, adventure and action. I like to live life head first, after all, those horns are not just for fighting. I guess its my headstrong nature and my enthusiasm that takes me places, so I thought Route London New York was a freakishly appropriate blog name for me. Especially because London was my home for a year and I will be moving to New York City this fall.


Ph. Julia Karpova 

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