Behind the Lens

Being obsessed with my camera, I was always very curious about who was taking pictures for top bloggers like Rumi or Aimee. I think a good blog will usually depend on its layout and content, but most importantly on the quality of the photographs, especially if the blog is related to the fashion industry. Fashiontoast and Song of Style post some of the best photographs I have ever encountered among fashion bloggers. Endlessly scrolling through their pages has become my go-to pastime ever since I discovered my digital oasis – the world of blogs.

But before you even get the chance to wonder about who is currently snapping my pictures, I thought I would spare you a potential headache and tell you. Typically, bloggers are being snapped by their boyfriends, siblings or friends. And I do fall in to that category, but with a twist. About a week ago, my 5-year-old sister casually asked me to take a few pictures of me, and to everyone’s surprise, they have turned out extremely well. The picture that you’ll find on my About page was taken by her. And there are more coming soon! I guess talent starts at a young age!

Meet my 5-year-old, blue-eyed doppelgänger and photographer, Sophie.



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