Back in London

It was a very cold day in London, even for London’s standards! Yet we were crazy enough to go shoot outside! brrr…
These were taken by the talented Julia Karpova last fall. You may have seen some of these on my Instagram and my blog before. I can still remember how I was squeezing my eyes shut between shots, only so they wouldn’t start watering from the frosty breeze. But I kept my cool right through till the end and even managed to make the breeze look sort of toasty. Post-shoot we actually agreed that the location looked very Florida-like. I wore a black over-size coat  from H&M Trend and a scarf from Zara. The leopard coat is from Julia’s vintage collection, accessorized with a bracelet  from Girls Dreams.

Julia’s website is currently under construction, but if you guys are interested in shooting with her, give me a shout out and I’ll contact her for you.

DSC_6421 DSC_6437send6DSC_6732send3

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