The Summer Way of Dress

IMG_7272A simple beige or white or any other warm toned dress, paired with some comfortable and sometimes funky flats and a bold accessory is usually what you’d see me wearing through out the summer. With the exception of those I-just-want-my-tee-and-my-shorts days.. when I’m feeling especially lazy.
I also don’t fuss over my hair too much and let it air-dry, that way it stays healthy and I stay happy, knowing that I haven’t worked on a look for hours to only see it fall apart a few moments after stepping out and being swarmed with that humid summer air we all love.

The Dress – I couldn’t bring myself to walk out of the store with just one of these. I had to buy this flowy business in three different colors – mint, black & beige. The latter worked best with my Sardinian tan, simply accessorized with my Zara african-looking chocker, which you’ve seen in my previous post. Make up kept to a minimal, because of the heat and the mugginess of the Mediterranean air.

IMG_7287 IMG_7341 IMG_7349 IMG_7372

H&M Dress, Zara chocker, Fendi flats

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