Sardinia Bits&Bobs

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More from Sardinia of my little sister, details from dinner and those perpetual summer vibes one can’t quite explain, but which each of us experience at beach-y getaways. What might have become one of my favorite vacationing places I’ve ever been to, Sardinia has taught me one or two things, a couple of which I will have to learn to abide by with age. Number one, your daily water intake should triple if not quadruple on your summer vacation. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Or else, be prepared to face agonizing headaches and appetite-loss. Not something I would recommend in temperatures over 30°C. Number two, the fact that you have the solution to your scorching climate problem right under your nose (taking a dip in the sea or hopping in to the excessively chlorinated pool) still does not allow you to bask in the sun for hours on end, especially sans SPF protection. Number three, don’t forget to moisturize! Believe it or not, this puny step in your daily cleansing routine will not only prolong your tan, but also make a large positive impact on your skin, even more so in the summer. For your face, always use a serum first, almost all of them are water-based and add nutrients into deeper layers of your skin, which regular moisturizers don’t do. Finally, as far as relaxing goes, always make sure to unwind during your vacation. Cherish the quality time you’ve earned yourself with your loved ones, because, almost certainly, you don’t get as much of it back home.
I hope all of you are making the best out of your summer!

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