Mini City

What feels like the end, and what was meant to be a week of preparation for my move but has morphed in to a dazed and queasy couple last days, alas, is only the beginning. It wasn’t my mood that needed rescuing, but rather my feeble immune system.Hit with a fever and throat so sore that made even eating unbearable, I was tied to my bed almost all weekend. After several sleepless nights and a sufficient drug-intake, I recovered shortly before my flight to New York. I am both nervous and excited for what awaits me there! Route London finally goes to New York. For good.

But before being smitten by some unknown virus I was luckily able to snap a few pictures. The coral Mini City that I got a few months ago, has become my go-to summer cross-shoulder. It’s a comfortable wear, bright and seemingly small but fits all the necessaries. And my Vintage Levi’s, that I’ve pulled out of my keep-it-for-later box, have become reinstated in my closet again. Interesting – a psychological study recently claimed that if you don’t wear something you’ve bought that same season, you will never wear it again. Which would explain why women hoard their unworn clothing and why they always have ‘nothing to wear’But I disagree. Packing a few things you don’t wear away in to a ‘keep-it-for-later’ box and unpacking them in a years or even two-years time, has always worked magic for me. Having forgotten most of the things you put in there, makes timeless items like my high-waisted Levi’s exciting again. Try it!

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IMG_7997 IMG_7882IMG_7934 IMG_7877

Top Zara, Vintage Levi’s High Waist Denim Shorts, Fendi Sandals, Balenciaga City Mini, Dior Cat Eye Sunglasses, Necklace H&M.

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