Short Leave of Absence

Whether you’d call (approximately) a month short or long, is a topic I’ll save for another day. But what I do want to do is extend my sincerest apologies to my readers, especially to those poor souls that eagerly wait for my next posts (I’m just kidding, I love you guys), for not taking the time out of my busy schedule to try to dazzle you with my day-to-day adventures and hopefully spark some creative thought. But I am back now, because I refuse to let this be a ‘Flog’ (A Fling Blog which kicks off out of mere boredom in the summer, only to be tossed out several months later during back-to-school season), and I will post as much as my school-work driven brain will allow me to. So bear with me! And FYI, I am an NYU gal. So for those of you living in New York City, you will notice me posting a lot more about the city, because let’s face it, thats a far more interesting subject than my life could ever be.

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