Busy as a Bee


Considering that mid-terms are right around the corner, I am as busy as can be. I have no doubts that my fellow college students will empathize. My life has been a plethora of to-do’s, homework cram-sessions and note-revision. Yet, I am still drawn to the blogosphere, like magnets of conflicting polarities. And before I continue, please excuse my totally unamusing reference to the physical phenomena of magnetism, but the useless information I manage to soak up in my science of technology course has to be exerted somewhere. But back to my personal blogging, which I am actually trying to expand on by blogging for the Fashion Business Association at NYU. You will find their tumblr here, and occasionally a blurb by me. So stay tuned!
On another note, rising early for my morning classes I’ve had minimal time to piece a polished outfit together. With the weight of folders and books I’m carrying on a daily basis, I’ve been running around in clothing somewhere between casual, effortless and athletic. But I haven’t stopped looking half-presentable since my high school finals, so why stop now? Unfortunately I haven’t had a moment or a lensman to capture me pictorially. Which carries me over to my next point: I am looking for a flexible New York photographer that would like to collaborate with me. Contact me here, on Facebook or comment on this post if you’re interested. My friends who read this, are even more welcome to get in touch with me! I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you’re all enjoying the last few warm Autumn days here in New York, because I sure am taking advantage of it!

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