Christmas Wishlist

It’s finals week for most of us, I should be focused, motivated and most importantly healthy, but this freezing new york weather has finally taken its toll on me. With a sneeze and a cold, I’ve spent the past few days winterizing my closet, snuggling up in my warmest cashmere sweaters, furry coats and slouchy beanies, daydreaming of the holidays or warmer weather. I hate myself for not catching a flight to the Miami Basel last week, because all I’ve been doing lately is writing endless christmas lists (like this one), planning my new years outfit and online shopping, when I should really be hitting the books. I’m sure I can’t be the only one though!

However, sometimes my uncontrollable shopping  proves to be even somewhat rewarding as I’ve managed to acquire the shaggiest holiday-appropriate cardigan, pajama shorts with bulldogs (!!) on them and a personalized instagram poster that I never thought could bring me so much joy. 

Christmas wishlist

1. Naked 2 Palette
2. Original Polarized Raybans
3. Chanel Flower Sneaker
4. Red Matte Lipgloss – Velvetines, Lime Crime
5. Pomeranian Spitz a.k.a. Boo (yes, I actually want a puppy!)
6. rag&bone fedora
7. Lumix Panasonic DMC GM1 Camera
8. Celine Luggage Tote Mini Tricolore
9. Classic Chanel Flats
10. Cartier Love Bracelet 
11. Statement Earrings by Shourouk

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