That Parisian Feel

20140121_Tiefenrausch_9902_Web 20140121_Tiefenrausch_9911_Web 20140121_Tiefenrausch_9912_Web20140121_Tiefenrausch_9950_Web

20140121_Tiefenrausch_9930_Web 20140121_Tiefenrausch_9932_Web 20140121_Tiefenrausch_9936_Web20140121_Tiefenrausch_9947_WebPh. Sam Tiefenrausch

Chanel Bag and Boots, All Saints sweater, Zara Skirt, Fedora bought on Bleecker in NY

What was supposed to be a stroll in the beautiful garden of Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, manifested into a muddy trek after it started pouring down on us. Yes it was freezing – but I’ve always enjoyed the magnificence of this palace; the maze-like pathways, the trees cut to perfection, the Parisian quintessence you feel tingling down your spine as if at the Versailles…  So what immediately spoke to me when dressing for the occasion was nothing else, but Chanel. I paired my Chanel almost-high-thigh boots with a dark blue Boy Bag, channeling an edgy-er version of Parisian school-girl.

We managed to take few shots up front, but then retired quickly back to my car for some coffee in the city center of Vienna. I wish I could have shown you more of the palace. It’s a place to keep in mind when drafting your to-see list in Vienna.


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