Exam Survival Guide

20140121_Tiefenrausch_0182_web20140121_Tiefenrausch_0228_web20140121_Tiefenrausch_0310_webPh. Sam Tiefenrausch

Zara top and skirt, Chanel Purse and Coat, Stefanel Scarf, Chanel Boots

Dark alleys, grim faces, deadlines. These have been my recent nightmares as midterms slowly creep up on us. Couple pointers I want to share with you guys from personal experience about staying on top of things;

1. We know some of us simply can’t go a weekend without dressing up and hitting the hottest club in town, even during exam time. We can’t help it. But blowfish and brode can. Skip the hangover, pop a brode hydration pill before your first drink and it will keep a balance of your body’s water and electrolytes – the next morning you’ll feel fresh as ever. Brode is quickly becoming a legend among NYC bartenders. Although, if you’ve already crossed over to the dark side and wake up thinking “I am never drinking again” , drink a blowfish. It’s a lemon-flavored fizzy tablet made up of caffeine and aspirin that will stop the pounding in your hungover head faster than you can imagine. It’s guaranteed the best remedy out there. Happy partying!

2. Quit the Starbucks – eat an apple instead. We all know coffee is unhealthy and apples contain fructose (a natural sugar), which will get you up on your feet and keep you going through out the day. It also moves slowly through the body, reaching areas where you may not wake up immediately. There’s no ‘crash’, shaky hands or a twitching eye either, which makes the benefits of eating an apple far outweigh those of coffee.

3. Don’t sweat it. Or maybe you should…Without doubt, most of us will have those sleepless nights filled with anxiety about our upcoming test or worrying about a deadline. Instead, hit the gym or go for a run  – besides boosting your serotonin levels it will get your brain functioning better and raise your creativity levels. Great for writing essays.

4. Distract yourself. Plan some downtime, but avoid Facebook at all costs. Facebook is the definition of aimless and endless procrastination. Give your brain a rest, get a bottle of good wine (or cheap wine, whichever tickles your fancy), invite your friends or boyfriend over and watch something like the Oscars. Which by the way are on tonight at 7pm, eastern time. Go LEO!

Good luck my lovelies!

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