Hey! I’m Ilona Selina, a Ukrainian, raised in Austria and now living in New York City. Most of my readers will probably be my friends, but the rest of you will probably know me through my old blog, Steelboots on Blogger. My former blog was a fashion blog, and I fully intend to continue from where I left off, blogging about fashion, trends and style reports, but this time, giving you guys a little bit more insight in to who I am and what I do. Especially my globetrotting tendencies…which have escalated to the point where even my closest friends can’t keep up with my whereabouts. Hence, my refined blog name, Route London New York. Find out more about the origin of my blog name in my first post.

What will I write about? Anything that I think is worth sharing with you guys, however, it will typically involve travel, art, fashion and/or kids. And other times I won’t write at all. Being a digital hoarder and an artist at heart, I will sometimes just shoot a bunch of photographs your way and hope that you’ll find at least one that amuses you.

Enjoy my blog & leave your comments! All feedback is appreciated.

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All Images are mine unless stated otherwise.

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