Busy as a Bee

Considering that mid-terms are right around the corner, I am as busy as can be. I have no doubts that my fellow college students will empathize. My life has been a plethora of to-do’s, homework cram-sessions and note-revision. Yet, I am still drawn to the blogosphere, like magnets of conflicting polarities. And before I continue, please […]

New York Living 101

(Tee Human, Jeans H&M Trend, Pumps Nicholas Kirkwood) Before I touched down in New York a little more than a month ago, being comfortable with the lay of the land, I expected a smooth transition. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Faced with hurdles ranging from out-of-the-suitcase living, the lack of permanent housing and more, […]

Sardinia Details

What meant to be a week of fun summery outfits, the beach, cocktails and tanning metamorphosed in to watching movies like Olympus has Fallen in my very (perhaps too) air-conditioned hotel room wrapped in a big cozy robe when I developed an allergy the first day. The itching and the heat has been driving me nuts. […]